Best Choices for Meditation Music

Meditation is a personal experience

Music is particularly helpful to beginners and seasoned meditators alike. There is a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the type of music best for your meditation practice. When it comes to meditative music, it doesn't just include music but there are several guided meditations accompanied by meditative music, breath instructions, and visualization techniques that can help beginners quiet their minds with guidance

Practicing regular meditation is one of the healthiest choices anyone can make to improve their health. For people who experience anxiety learning meditative breathing techniques can reduce the negative effects of anxiety, depressive or panic disorders.

We will review a mix of the best music for meditation and the best musical, guided meditations. We will discuss a variety of options and provide a starting point for new meditators, meditation practitioners that want to explore more difficult breathing, mantra, and visualization tools to help calm anyone's monkey mind.

The Heart Alchemist: Christina Lopes


The Heart Alchemist, Christina Lopes is a great place for meditative beginners who want a gentle hand and a supportive voice while they meditate. Under the menu of her website are the free resources (https://christina-lopes.com/freeresources/) where you don't have to spend a penny to expand your perspective and relax your mind to some of the best-guided meditation music available for free.

The Heart Alchemist also offers paid courses, a unique community dedicated to expanding a meditative and spiritual practice. Christina is consistently on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/ChristinaLopes).

Christina is also very active on Instagram where she often posts very helpful tips when it comes to meditation and other spiritual endeavors (https://www.instagram.com/theheartalchemist/).

Yellow Brick Cinema


Yellow Brick Cinema has nearly six million YouTube subscribers, which is the entire residential population of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Yellow Brick Cinema is one of the more popular meditative music resources on the internet.

The music focuses on relaxation, focus, or as an aid to help you get to sleep. Better yet, Yellow Brick Cinema's presence on YouTube means the majority of their resources are free but you might have to watch an advertisement every now and then which can be a big distraction when meditating.

Meditative Mind


Meditative Mind is another hit meditative music producer with approximately five million subscribers. Be warned, the Meditative Mind is only for positive vibes which can help you release well-needed serotonin (the feel-good chemical produced by the brain) and aid the process of accomplishing a meditative state.

As a free resource, the Meditative Mind provides a range of tunes to fit anyone's taste in meditative music. It is versatile, unique, and a pleasure to listen to. There are options like

  • Indian Flute Music
  • OM Chanting to Remove Negative Blocks
  • Brain Calming Music
  • Chakra Cleansing Music
  • The Solfeggio Range of Tones
  • Ancient Indian Chants
  • Soft Ambient Music

Soothing Relaxation


Peder Helland composed every song on the YouTube channel Soothing Relaxation and is just a tiny bit shy of having nine million subscribers! It is easy to see why he is so popular. The music has a genuine, loving quality to it that helps meditators free their minds of the business of their everyday life and immerse themselves in the quiet of the present moment.

Peder Helland combines piano music with a variety of other elements like rain sounds, the crackling of a fireplace, thunderstorms, and other natural phenomena. He includes other instruments in many tracks like cellos, guitars, and light drumming.

These high-quality tracks are free all on YouTube. The only downside to using this type of meditative music is the advertising that interrupts the meditative vibe.

Dr. Joe Dispenza


While you can find Dr. Joe Dispenza on Instagram and YouTube his most impressive meditation music is available on his website. Dr. Joe is a licensed chiropractor who has been working with neuroscientists and other experts to prove the positive effects breath, meditation, and intention have on the human body and how a person experiences their day-to-day interactions.

Dr. Joe is serious about helping empower people through a blossoming field of science examining how the human body can potentially change its chemistry through meditation, music, sound, breath, and discipline.

The meditative music is rhythmic and at times intensive to listen to but it aids in the expertise of his knowledge of meditative practice which combines Buddhist, Hindu, and other religious practices with neuroscience and a focus on decalcifying the pineal gland.

Dr. Joe does not just lead meditations, he offers extensive explanations of the mechanical and aspirational effects his led practices provide the motivated meditator. Don't be intimidated by the intensity of the practices, just leap in and do your best. It is a lot like yoga, the more often you practice Dr. Joe's meditations the better you become at mastering them. Be patient with yourself it can take a while to adjust to the physical requests he makes of meditators.

It is definitely worth it to explore Dr. Joe on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La9oLLoI5Rc) before you make a purchase to trial whether or not his brand of meditation is for you, not everyone is trying to accomplish what his daily practitioners want for themselves. It is perfectly normal to want something different. Meditation is a subjective experience and no one can tell you what is exactly right for you, except you.

Music for Body and Spirit


Music for Body and Spirit is meditative music that is as relaxing as a warm bath. Purely meditative music for those who do not want or need a guided meditation to focus on their breath and center themselves. It is important to remember it does not matter whether you choose just music or guided meditation with meditative music because only you can discover what helps you relax, find calm, and peacefulness inside you.

Music for Body and Spirit offers videos that go dark after a period of time which is an excellent option for meditators who practice while trying to fall asleep. Light can be distracting and many meditative music sites include bright, moving visuals that can be a nuisance if you want to drift off into dreamland.

The Best Meditative Music for You

Choosing meditation is such a good choice for anyone to improve their life and their health. The Mayo Clinic (https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/meditation/in-depth/meditation/art-20045858) states that meditation is an easy and quick method to reduce stress. Meditation doesn't cost any money and doesn't need to be affiliated with any religion to experience the positive effects that a daily meditation practice brings.

Humans have used meditation for thousands of years. Meditation is medicine and a powerful one at that. All meditation requires is the focus to clear the constant stream of thoughts that can cause stress and tension. The benefits of meditation are endless and will provide a boost to your health in a holistic manner.

The Mayo Clinic states that meditation helps individuals long after the session is over and may help control chronic pain or other medical issues. In addition, it provides an outlet for processing emotional problems by helping you build skills to reduce negative emotions, boost creativity, gain patience, and a better sense of self-awareness.

Meditative music is an easy way to get started meditating if you are new to mindfulness. The best meditative music is the kind that helps you quiet your mind. As personal as meditation is, so is the choice of meditative music. The best way to start is to find something you find pleasing to listen to and focus on your breath. Attempt to slow your breathing either in through your nostrils and out through your mouth or practice belly breathing by inhaling through the mouth. Your stomach will extend as you inhale and return to being flat as you exhale. Try using the melody or beat of the meditative music to help guide and focus your breath.